Top Credit Cards for Pet Owners

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As fun as it is to be a pet owner, it comes with a lot of financial
responsibilities. Besides paying for food or grooming, you need to be
ready for unexpected expenses that can occur. There may come a time when
your pet requires veterinarian care, which can be costly and put a
strain on your personal finances. Fortunately, there are certain credit
cards that can help pet parents in these situations. To find out how
these cards can be beneficial, start a search online.

You can find credit cards with low fees, cash back rewards, and
introductory offers that are worth taking advantage of. An online search
will help you discover the perks available.

Here are some top credit cards for pet owners to consider.

Wells Fargo Active Cash Card


  • Unlimited two percent cashback.
  • Zero percent intro APR for 15 months.
  • No annual fee.

If you suddenly have to pay hundreds of dollars towards pet care,
there is one perk to using the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card. You can
earn a $200 cash reward
bonus when you spend $1,000 in purchases in the first three months.
That way, you could eventually earn back some of the money you dished
out at the vet.

Moreover, those who decide to pay their monthly cell phone bill with
the Wells Fargo card could get up to $600 of protection if it gets
damaged or stolen. Some additional perks include:

  • Redeeming cash rewards towards gift cards;
  • No expiration date on cash rewards, and;
  • Contactless payments.



  • Coverage for routine and emergency vet services.
  • Accepted at 250,000 healthcare providers and retail locations.
  • Save five percent on pet insurance.

Those looking to finance their pet’s healthcare should consider
signing up for the CareCredit credit card. This program offers customers
shorter term financing for routine vet checkups, surgery, and other pet
health emergencies. Purchases over $200 can qualify for zero interest as long as you make the minimum monthly payments.

Discover it Secured Credit Card


  • No annual fee.
  • Get approved with bad credit.
  • Two percent cash back at gas stations and restaurants.

Not all pet parents have an excellent credit history. By signing up
for the Discover it Secured Credit Card, you can responsibly rebuild
your credit score and have available credit for unexpected health bills.
Your credit line will equal your deposit amount, so you can choose a credit line that you’re comfortable with upon approval.

Having this credit card handy will prevent you from putting yourself
into more debt on other credit cards. Additionally, you may eventually
qualify for an unsecured credit card and get your deposit back with
responsible use.

Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express


  • Get up to three percent cash back on purchases.
  • Get approved in 30 seconds.
  • No annual fee.

There are some worthwhile benefits new customers can take advantage
of with the Blue Cash Everyday Card. You can enjoy zero percent APR for
15 months and cash back rewards. Earn three percent back on groceries,
two percent on gas, and one percent on everything else.

Customers can earn $200 back by spending $2,000
in purchases within the first six months of being a cardholder. Plus,
pet parents can split large purchases into monthly installments.

American Express Cash Magnet Card


  • Unlimited 1.5 percent cash back.
  • No annual fee.
  • Zero percent APR for 15 months.

Find out if you qualify for the American Express Cash Magnet Card in
as little as 30 seconds after applying. With this card, you can earn
unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases.

Another worthwhile feature is the zero percent introductory APR for 15 months. If you have a sudden vet bill, you won’t have to worry about any interest for more than a year.

Upgrade Visa Card


  • No fees.
  • Sign-up bonus.
  • Unlimited cash back.

The Upgrade Visa Card with cash rewards is another credit card to consider. You can obtain a credit line ranging from $500 to $25,000. Not only are there no fees, but you can earn cash back on eligible purchases.

Upgrade offers cardholders unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on all
purchases when you pay down your balance. You can use this card anywhere
Visa is accepted, so the potential to earn rewards is significant.

Compare Credit Cards Online

It’s possible for unexpected things happen to happen with your
animals that may hurt your finances. Whether it be pricey visits to the
veterinarian or other necessary expenses, having the right credit card
on hand can be helpful for pet owners.

Decide what is most important to you when choosing a credit card.
Whether it be cash back rewards, no annual fees, or quick approvals,
there is a lot to consider. Each credit card comes with its own set of
fees and perks. It will be beneficial to compare what they all have to
offer and decide which is the best fit for you as a pet parent.

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