The Best New Bank Account Promotions Available Today

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Banks have kicked their efforts to attract new customers into high
gear. Accessible online banking has given all financial institutions an
unprecedented run for their money in today’s ultra-competitive
landscape. That’s the main driver for the financial services industry’s
recent trend of offering customers attractive bonuses for opening new

These rewards can total multiple hundreds of dollars. That means
the banks are literally willing to pay you for your business. If you’ve
got the cash reserves to meet the necessary balance requirements, these
amazing bank bonuses will certainly draw your interest.

Chase Sapphire Checking: Score Up to $750

The Chase Sapphire Checking account is available to both new and
existing customers. Current Chase clients having the option to upgrade
their account to the Sapphire brand. You’ll need a healthy chunk of cash
on hand to maximize this bonus. However, if you’ve got the dough
available, a cool $750 is there for the taking.

Here’s how to get it. Deposit at least $75,000 worth of qualified
assets into eligible Chase Sapphire accounts within 45 calendar days.
Then, maintain a daily balance of at least $75,000 for 90 calendar days
to nab your automatic bonus. Qualified assets include cash and
securities, which can be spread across eligible Chase savings, checking,
and brokerage accounts. To learn more, and for the fine print, visit
the Chase Sapphire promotional page.

Join SunTrust For Up to $750 in Bonus Cash

Atlanta-based SunTrust Bank has joined the fray by offering new
customers up to $750 in bonuses. There are quite a few hoops to jump
through. If you do qualify, you’ll enjoy one of the most lucrative
rewards on the market. First, open a SunTrust Advantage Checking
account. Then deposit $100 within two weeks, then make at least $3,000
in qualified direct deposits. In addition, you’ll have to transact at
least 10 debit card purchases. The deposits and the debit transactions
must post to your account within the first 60 business days of its

Meeting those requirements will net you a $250 bonus. To get the
extra $500, you’ll need to add at least $100,000 in qualified deposits
to eligible SunTrust accounts within 30 days of opening them. SunTrust
operates regionally, so you’ll need to be a resident of a state where
the bank maintains physical locations to be eligible. To learn more,
visit the institution’s promotional site.

HSBC Offers Up to $750 for New Checking Account Customers

HSBC is a top 10 global financial institution with a growing
footprint in the United States. If you have $100,000 to deposit,
consider opening an HSBC Premier Checking account. Park $100,000 in the
account within 90 days and you’ll get a whopping $750 as a thank-you

That $100k sets the bar pretty high. Fortunately, HSBC offers two
alternatives. First, you can score $350 by placing $10,000 or more in an
Advance Checking account within 90 days of activation. At a lower tier,
you can also earn an extra $200 by putting $1,500 or more into a new
Choice Checking account within 90 days. From a percentage standpoint,
the lesser options actually deliver a better bargain: $750 is only 0.75%
of $100,000, while $350 is 3.5% of $10,000 and $200 is 13.3% of $1,500.

Become a Citi Priority Account Package Member and Get Up to $600

A lot of bank account bonus offers require customers to make
electronic direct deposits to qualify. That isn’t the case at Citi,
where new Priority Account Package members can get $600 in bonuses by
depositing $50,000 in new funds. There are no other minimums to meet.
The only attached string is that the $50,000 must come from outside
existing Citi accounts to qualify.

Citi also offers additional bonuses that pay out $100 to $500. In
addition, the bank makes it easy to qualify for waived account fees. All
you need to do is maintain the balance threshold to earn the reward.
Learn more by visiting Citi’s offer page.

Get $400 with Everyday Checking from Wells Fargo

You have until November 27, 2019 to take advantage of this special
offer from Wells Fargo. Open a new Everyday Checking account (in person
or online) to become eligible for a one-time $400 bonus. To snag the
cash, you’ll have to make a minimum initial deposit of $25, then
electronically direct-deposit $3,000 or more per month for three
straight months. Your first deposit must be made within 150 calendar
days to maintain your eligibility, and your account must always have at
least $1 in it.

The account comes with a $10 monthly fee, which you can avoid if you
satisfy one of the following conditions. Either keep a daily balance of
at least $1,500, or make at least 10 debit card transactions per month,
or direct-deposit at least $500 every month. Another caveat: this offer
is available only in certain regions, so double-check that this offer is available in your area before signing up.

Wrapping It Up

Some of the aforementioned offers are for a limited time only. The
window may have closed by the time you investigate further. However, you
shouldn’t worry about missing the boat. The banking industry trend
toward enticing new business by offering lucrative bonuses appears to be
here to stay. Keep your eyes peeled and check back often with your
preferred financial institution. Chances are it won’t be long until a
similar offer appears.

Also, remember that these are just a few of the many similar offers
available out there. Many others deliver lesser bonuses, but they also
come with more attainable terms and conditions. Happy hunting and enjoy
your free money!

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